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The Grand Oaks Legacy

Grand Oaks Estate Hannah's Canopy
Grand Oaks Estate Legacy
Grand Oaks Estate In memory of Sophia
Grand Oaks Estate Family
Grand Oaks Estate Walk with Rosie
Grand Oaks Estate Sophia

Raising four children on our family farm provided experiences that include parties, late night surprise visits, and even a few visits to the emergency room. But our home has always been a place where my others have felt at home and welcomed to relax with a glass of sweet tea.


The children made countless tree houses around the property and came back home filthy, happy and hungry. Wild critters were captured and released after a short time of learning and enjoying them.


What this place has always been is home. We are honored to share our beautiful land with a couple on one of their most memorable days. Choosing to have a wedding or special event here will prove to be a positive experience with memories to last a lifetime. 

The beautiful land where Grand Oaks Estate is located has been in our family for four generations. Throughout the century, homes have been built at various areas around the farm. The chimney that remains on the property was the most recent home where cousins shelled peas with our grandparents on the front porch. With land lush for row crops, timber, and sustaining many grazing cattle, the family has relied on it for resources and has worked continually to improve the area as the family needs have changed.


The house that currently remains on the property was built in 2004. It was a family affair as we all pitched in and did much of the work ourselves. As with any home, it continues to gain updates and needed fixes that make the house a home. It has been the refuge of my children and many of their friends, and the place where activities abound!

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