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What to Wear - and Not to Wear – For Your Christmas Card Photos

Christmas cards have been a way for families to reconnect, announce life’s big events, and to share a recent photo of the family. When taking these important yearly photos, there are some key things to remember in order to get that perfect shot.

1. Wear Solid Colors and Minimize Patterns

The camera likes solid colors best for photographs which allows more of the focus to be on the people in the picture, not the clothes. If you chose a pattern, make sure it’s a larger pattern, like a plaid. Only have one or two family members in a larger pattern with the remaining in solid colors. Think about children and if a parent might be holding a child. If Dad is holding a young child, do not have both in a pattern. Either both need solid colors or have one in solid and one in a large pattern.

2. Consider Your Backdrop

For pictures taken outside, think about the nature around you and coordinate with those colors. Our Christmas pictures here at Grand Oaks Estate have all the settings outside with green and gray of trees in the background. It is best to choose a color that will stand out from those colors found in nature this time of year and not to blend into them. Our sets, decorated beautifully by Joy Matthews Art and Design, will help break-up the nature backdrop and consist of a tan couch, antique red tractor, cream wooden mantle, and brown hay wagon. Keep these colors in mind as you plan your wardrobe. You want your family picture to compliment the backdrop, again, giving focus to your family in the photo.

3. Coordinate with Others’ Colors Chose a color palette for your family, and work from that palette for your wardrobe selection. You may want children to match, wearing the exact same thing, but in general, it’s best to coordinate colors so they compliment each other. For those who choose to have pictures with Santa, consider who may be sitting in his lap. Since his suits are all red, it’s best to steer clear of a red outfit for the child he will hold in the picture. Select something from your child’s clothes that will nicely define being held in the arms of Santa!

4. Avoid Whites White fabrics can be jarring on the other side of the camera, and normally doesn’t blend well with skin tones. Martine Rousey from Chasing Sun Photography says that cream colors and tans work nicely and can be a nice neutral addition to a color palette, but they should be used more as an accent color than a color everyone in your family wears. Also, consider your personal skin tones and what colors may or may not wash members of your family out for their special photo shoot.

5. Minimize Accessories

Christmas is a great time to add in those scarves, hats, and mittens, but in South Georgia, snow normally is not falling to make these shots realistic. Some accessories can be a nice addition to the family’s outfits, but don’t over do the look. Be careful as well with large jewelry that draws attention to it instead of the person. Large clothing logos or writing on shirts are a definite no-no when picking out those tops.

We hope you will join us on Sunday, November 13, from 1:00-5:00pm, when we open our venue to allow families to come and take their Christmas photos at Grand Oaks Estate. Santa is flying in for this special day, and he, along with our other backdrops, are perfect settings for this year’s Christmas pictures.

Remember these simple rules above in preparing your family for this day and enjoy some s’mores around our firepit after all the photographs have been taken.

Merry Christmas!

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